日々花束やアレンジメントを作り、手のひらから生まれる色彩やかたちに夢中になった。 そこで知った色彩のシグナルを頼りに、世界中の海を旅する生活が始まった。
いつしか私の写真が本棚から飛び出し、音楽のように人々の日常を彩ってくれることを夢見るようになっていた。 気がつけば、たくさんの仲間がその夢をかたちにしてくれていた。 私の海の写真が、あなたの日常も彩ってくれますように。

I was a student looking for something to express myself. I happened to encounter underwater photography, and my destiny was decided. I was not the kind of boy who raised tropical fish in an aquarium as a child. I had never wanted to hold the "life" of others in my hands.
In my early twenties, when I wanted to become an underwater photographer, I was working part-time at a flower shop in Osaka. Making bouquets and arrangements every day, I was fascinated by the colors and shapes that emerged from the palm of my hand.
Relying on the color signals I learned there, I began my life of traveling the world's oceans.
It was also the beginning of my life Equal to Taking Underwater Photos.
When I was in my late thirties, someone told me, "I like the color of the ocean in Mr. Kagii's photos better than the real ocean"
Somewhere along the way, I began to dream that my photographs would jump out of the bookshelf and color people's daily lives like your favorite music.
I hope that my underwater photos will also color your daily life.
And Still trying at Age 50.