こんなにも海が好きな人は多いのに 海の中の写真がそれほど注目されることはない。それがずっと悔しかった。

あの大きなクジラと泳ぐことがかなう人は この世界に一体何人いるのだろう。
青色しかないと思われている海の中には 実は陸上と同じくらい豊かな色彩が存在している。
「いのち」あふれる海中では 陸の上よりも、生命誕生の神秘を目にする機会がある。
無音で無重力の海の世界では 行ったことのない宇宙にふれることができる。







There are so many people who love the ocean, but Underwater photography doesn't get that much attention.
I've always been so disappointed by that.
I wonder how many people in the world can swim with that big whale.
In fact, there are as many rich colors in the ocean as there are on land, even though people think there are only blue.
In the sea, we have more opportunities to see the mystery of the birth of life than on land.
In the silent and zero-gravity world of the sea, you can experience a universe you have never been to before.

I was unexpectedly moved to tears at the beautiful sight of the innocent ocean floor with dancing fish.

I've encountered oceans that no one has ever seen, and I saw so many “Hello” and “Farewell” at Bottom of the Sea.

I have seen the same thing in every ocean.
Whether in unexplored sea, a healing sea, or a sea that has experienced an earthquake.
What is always there is hope.

I created this website to deliver my thoughts and the works born from them directly to you with my own hands.
I would be happy if you could find your own ocean here.
Please take your time and swim with me.

Yasuaki Kagii